Quality Books, Games, and Replica Props hand crafted in Canada

Ever notice in the movies how Treasure Maps, Magical Books and Really Cool Toys & Games are usually found hidden up in the Attic? Attic Replicas started as a hobby for Chris when he couldn't satisfy his own need to own these incredibly cool props from his favorite movies and television shows. After seeing Star Wars for the first time at the age of 7 Chris made his first R2D2 inspired droid, won the school science fair and ended up on the 6 o'clock news. This began Chris's love for movie props and memorabilia but over the years there have been several items that were either not available on the open market or way too pricey to be purchased so, he decided to make them. Using his many years of working as a commercial artist as well as a successful career in marketing Chris soon realized that all of his skills blended nicely when it came to prop making.

Seeing a strong demand for more affordable games & collectibles Chris decided to focus on ways to simplify the designs and materials to satisfy the average fan on a budget. Real movie props are often not as amazing as they look on screen and how they look on screen is all that matters so why not make great looking items that aren't so expensive and complicated but look amazing on your shelf and satisfy your need to own a piece of your favourite TV show or Movie.

We often say "Inspired by" rather than "replica" just so we differentiate ourselves from the serious collector looking for the "exact replica" no matter what the price. It seems to us that there are enough $3000+ replicas being made and we prefer to be in the $300 range so it can't take 6 months to make, modern printing technology has allowed us to make items faster, easier and less costly. Although we still maintain high quality and they're not exactly cheap, our products are within most peoples reach.

Apparently, Chris's ideas and designs are being well received and his shop has had many happy customers from all walks of life, living all over the world, they are delighted to be able to save up the money to buy an affordable yet beautifully hand made Attic Replica and they share Chris's passion for tv and movie memorabilia!